Programma 1

Programme 1

(need translate to Italian)Gelato at the shop

Which gelato:
The gelato is produced according to recipes of the Italian art-craft tradition using Italian machines, but making use as much as possible of local products such as fruit, milk, cream, etc.
Some traditional flavors, such as chocolate and vanilla, contain high quality ingredients recommended by the best expertise in this field.
Current flavors include chocolate, vanilla, yogurt, apple pie, date, mango, banana, guava, lemon-mint, melon, ginger and macchiato. Flavors related to the middle east such as Sobya, Kunafa with mango, Karkade', Tahini with molasses and Om Ali' are also produced.

Which solidarity mechanism for selling:
One gelato (two scoops) is sold with a full price at the shop. The generous client has the possibility to promote the Gelato “sospeso” idea (so called due to an Italian tradition with coffee) by paying the price of two gelatos but receiving only one. A poor person enquiring later whether there is a “sospeso” available would then be provided with a gelato for free.