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Casa della Carità article


Radio Popolare


Radio Popolare from Milan published an article on the Gelateria Sociale and an interview with Ambrogio Manenti in March 2016. It describes the Gelateria Sociale project in Cairo and the link with the caffee' 'sospeso' tradition in Naples

The article on the Oasis magazine


An article on Gelateria Sociale can be found in the June 2016 issue of the Oasis magazine published by Community Services Association (CSA) in Cairo. It analyses the initiative as a social entrepreneurship which “is not going to cure the societal ills but at least is offering an alternative narrative” through a “framework that allows people from all socio-economic backgrounds to enjoy a delicious gelato in the spirit of friendship".

The article for the French community


“La glace au parfum solidaire” is an article just published in May 2016 by “Le scribe”, a French Magazine printed in Cairo describing the Gelateria Sociale project.

The article in a Japanese newspaper


The correspondent of MANICHI Japanese newspaper in Cairo published an article on Gelateria Sociale in June 2016. The article explains the meaning of Gelateria Sociale that is “The gelato shop of the society”. One cup for 7 EGP for a customer who can afford it. The customer can pay another 7 EGP for a future customer who cannot afford it. Once a week the shop team goes to the disadvantaged communities and sell the gelato for 1 EGP. One of the usual customers, Ahmed, told to the Japanese journalist that the taste of the gelato is much more delicious than the ice-cream he ate before.



A daily Egyptian newspaper describes the Gelateria Sociale project highligtening the quality gelato produced and the solidarity mechanisms to make it accessible to different type of citizens.