Programme 1

Programme 1

Gelato at the shop

Which gelato:
The gelato is produced according to recipes of the Italian art-craft tradition using Italian machines, but making use as much as possible of local products such as fruit, milk, cream, etc.
Some traditional flavors, such as chocolate and vanilla, contain high quality ingredients recommended by the best expertise in this field.

Gelato at lower price for disagvantaged communities with a cart

Programme 2

Gelato from the cart

Through another solidarity mechanism, the Gelateria Sociale sells the gelato (two scoops) in poor neighborhoods with a cost 10-15 times less than in the shop, using an ice-cream cart.

Programme 3 - Cultural activities

Programme 3

Cultural activities

Various kinds of activities are going to be implemented in different spaces (offices of NGOs and associations, book stores, public spaces such as squares or markets, etc.) using the network created around the Gelateria Sociale and in collaboration with other organizations.