During the last weeks we have been discussing with the NGO Waqfeya - partner of the Gelateria Sociale project - how to improve the management of the shop. As result of this discussion, from now on, the NGO will be directly in charge of the shop management.
The Gelateria will go ahead with the same principles, promoting equity and solidarity through the production and distribution of quality ice-cream to different people (disadvantaged and non).
“Who has more gives more for a product equal for all” will continue to be the Gelateria Sociale refrain. The gelato will continue to be made giving priorities to local producers of milk, cream, fruit, nuts, spices following the idea of using natural ingredients.

I will continue to deliver my personal support to the Gelateria Sociale in Cairo now and in future, meanwhile, I will be dedicated to replicate the project in other places. Gaza strip is the next step.


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